Simply text.

I use Bear for notes, and Coda is really hard to beat as an HTML editor. However as I move more work to my iPad, I quickly noticed how annoyingly difficult it is to tweak code or text files on my iCloud drive (or Dropbox and Google drive, now that they are accessible from the Files app). So I spent a few weeks writing my own solution.

Curtis is a simple editor for plain-text scripts, code or text. It is not a fancy IDE, word processor or markdown editor. It is a purposefully simple, distraction-free tool for quickly reading, writing or editing text files.

Designed to work with the iOS Files app, there are no server or cloud container settings to configure - create or edit files on your device or the cloud connections you've already configured.

Now available on the App Store.


Privacy is important.

No one likes sneaky behavior.

This app and developer do not collect personal information of any kind, period. Also, there will never be additional in-app purchases, subscriptions, or other limitations placed on the app once purchased.

Software should work! If you notice any bugs, have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please send an e-mail to the address below.

About me.

I am an artist and creative director by day. I wrote this app because ...I needed it! Designing on the iPad is pretty exciting, and I hope utilities like this make it easier for other designers using iOS.

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