SVG ftw.

Obviously color is an important aspect of design. And there are lots of tools to assist with color exploration and finding the right color combinations. Unfortunately, once a color palette has been chosen, designers are left to their own devices.

I wrote hashColor to bridge a gap in my own design process. Most design software uses proprietary formats for storing color swatches, so I don't find that use them often. And the process of migrating color palettes to code is a chore. After considering all the tools and open file formats available, I decided the most logical means of bridging development and design would be the SVG file format. SVG files can be opened in code editors as code, design software as vectors, and even web browsers for viewing.

hashColor will import hex colors from existing documents and create a new SVG file to store the palette, locally on your device. Similarly, if you copy the text containing the colors to the clipboard, it will allow you to import the colors on launch.

Any palettes you create won’t be trapped inside the software. hashColor is document-based, meaning it is designed to work with the iOS Files app. Create or edit files on your device or the cloud connections you've already configured, and store the file where you like.

Now available on the App Store.


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