An ad agency in your pocket.

Running an agency is pretty simple: You won’t make any money without projects. You won’t get those without clients. And you won’t have clients until you hire an accounts team.

Add other workers to complete the projects and get paid. It’s that simple. Or is it?

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Hello, Six-dot-oh.

16 September, 2020– The next major update of ad agency is out, now on the Mac as well as iOS. This is a huge update, featuring streamlined gameplay, entirely new graphics, and more.

HR and client control panels give you more visibility into your agency, keyboard input is supported, and Game Center achievements have been added.

Oxygen update.

20 November, 2019– You can now tap on any person in the office to get a sense of how they are feeling about their work. If they are busy, an icon will appear.

So why is this called the oxygen update?

Back in the mid-90s, the ad agency Chiat Day used a revolutionary groupware program called Oxygen on their old Macs and PowerBooks, long before most agencies even had internet connections. It was incredibly forward-thinking, offering things like status updates, avatars and virtual spaces.

It's a piece of ad agency history that has been mostly forgotten, although there is an old Wired article about it.


October update.

19 October, 2019– The intent was to give ad agency a Halloween theme, but there were time constraints... so the result is not unlike a real office: several people in Halloween costumes feeling horribly awkward among their mostly un-festive co-workers.

How to play.

So you launched the game, nothing is happening and you don’t know what to do? Here’s a quick tutorial.

To the left of your building, icons for the agency bank account, email and calendar will appear. However, don’t expect much activity if there are no employees at the agency.

Swipe to view the different floors of the building. While each floor has been reserved for your agency, you only pay rent on floors that are occupied. Each floor has been reserved for a specific department, which appears to the right of the building. Below the name of the department, the control panel appears.

Tapping the employee icon displays the number of employees in this department and the current salary for all department employees, as well as a gauge for determining workload. This is useful for determining how many employees should be hired for this department. This is also where you can hire new employees for this team.

To begin, swipe through your building and hire an employee for each of the departments: Account service, Creative, Research, Media and Technology. Things will be pretty quiet until you hire an Accounts team: They are responsible for finding clients for your agency. The more people you have in your Accounts department, the more frequently you will be invited to pitch projects.

The Accounts team is responsible for finding new clients and keeping them happy.

The Creative team is responsible for print, billboard and branding projects.

The Research team will handle focus groups and other research.

The Tech team build web sites, mobile apps and other tech projects.

The Media team do television and radio work.

What’s a retainer?

Relax, there are no orthodonic proceedures in the game. Once you’ve completed a project (or possibly two) for a new client, they may decide to hire you. In the event this happens, the client will pay a monthly retainer fee, and projects will be assigned to your agency automatically.

Why was I fired?

Probably because you were up to no good! If your employees are overworked or underpaid, clients take notice.

Privacy is important.

This app does not collect personal information of any kind, period. No third party libraries or services have been added to this application. There will never be additional in-app purchases, subscriptions, or other limitations placed on the app once purchased.

Software should work! If you notice any bugs, have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please send an e-mail to the address below.

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