Free your colors. Now on macOS.

Creating and sharing color palettes should be be easy, but most design software makes it pretty complicated, which is why hashColor was created.

Every hashColor document you create is a flexible SVG file that can be opened in design sofware, programming tools, even web browsers.

No time for organizing your colors? Open any text or script document containing hex colors as a read-only file, and you can drag and drop swatches into your design or code windows. Explore and export colors from your existing html, css or svg files quickly and easily.

All your palettes are stored freely on your device or iCloud drive, so sharing is easy. And since they are saved in SVG format, software compatibility is never a problem.

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The tldr; manual.

So how does this work?
Creating a new palette should be pretty obvious.
Colors can be added two ways:
(1) Click the + button.

(2) On macOS, drag an html, css, or any other script file over the + button.
If it contains hex colors, they will be added to the palette.

Any file created in hashColor is an SVG file that editable within hashColor.
It can also be opened by any software that can view or edit SVG.

What’s with the lock?

hashColor can open existing html, css or svg files as read-only documents.
However, rather than seeing a representation of the file, only the hexidecimal colors are displayed.

This provides quick and easy access to colors; swatches can be dragged into design or code software.

Need an editable version? Drag the document icon for all swatches.

What else?

Drag, drag, drag.

Whether a swatch for a design, or a string for a script, most of the elements in hashColor are draggable.

Thank you.

Hate something? Have an issue? Please reach out! If you find this app useful, I'd love to make it better.

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This app does not collect personal information of any kind, period. No third party libraries or services have been added to this application. There will never be additional in-app purchases, subscriptions, or other limitations placed on the app once purchased.

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