Take two.

When my design career took me from printed materials to the internet, classic typefaces like Bodoni and Futura fell out of favor, given that they look pretty terrible on low resolution screens. However, even as screen resolutions improved, online typography is still trending towards waves of Helvetica reinterpretations.

It is safe to say Bodoni, one of my favorite fonts, still doesn’t have the best readability, so I set out to create my own version, adjusting the line weights, and also replacing some of the flowery, calligraphic lines with simple geometry.

My first attempt wasn’t great, but it was an informative experience. If graphic design was gardening, typography would be in the bonsai section. There is always one more line or letter-spacing adjustment.

This time around, I started with a less ambitious x-height, revisited numbers, doubled-down on the geometric aspects, and most importantly, created a thinner, more legible text weight to complement the display weight. You are looking at it right now!

Release TBD.