quick start

Running a hotel is easy! Add floors and hotel rooms. As rooms are reserved, income increases. Use income to redecorate, add more floors, and add amenities.

Of course, all this construction costs money.
Run out of money, and the game is over.

Additional amenities and design options are made available as reservations increase. Think of total reservations as a score.

Keeping the hotel staffed, room rates low, and managing building amenities and features will result in a thriving business.

choose a location

Launch the game, and you will be faced with a map of location options. Choose wisely. Hotels cannot be relocated once the game has started.

add floors

A hotel can have a total of 12 floors. The ground floor, the lobby, has already been built, and cannot be removed.

While additional floors can only be added to the top of the hotel, most floors can be demolished.


There are 15 control panels in the game. Taking a few minutes to review them all might be helpful. Here are some highlights:


An understaffed hotel will result in slow check-ins, and dirty rooms. Hire new employees using the human resources control panel. The indicator for each gauge will be in the green if your teams are staffed adequately.

At the end of each year, employees will expect a small raise.


Make sure there are enough elevators to service every floor. Top floors cannot be reserved if there aren’t enough elevators.


Keep an eye on guests, and evict trouble-makers. Tapping the star-review will reveal more details about the hotel visitor.

This should be enough information to play the game. Employees and guests will leave messages if there are problems.


Software should work! If you notice any bugs, have any questions, suggestions or feedback, please send an e-mail to hello@MOTORCYCL3.com

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