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This is not going to be a flowery story about brand identity.

I wanted to reimagine the isometric, low poly style of a previous game into something more relatable.

The previous game was an advertising agency simulator. Not a lot of people understood – or cared to understand – the inner workings of the advertising industry. And if I’m being honest, white-collar jobs aren’t exactly blissful escapism.

On that note, I decided literal escapism – travel – was the right path, more explicitly, a hotel. Which brings us to the not-flowery part:

I simply did not want to give this game a name beyond the simple five-letter word, “hotel.”

Owning a simple five-letter word, especially a fairly common word, is practically impossible (unless you’re a certain computer company).

I ultimately decided to adopt a l33t solution: HOT37.

the typeface

After designing the neon signage for the game, I decided including some of the inverted letters in the UI might make sense as well. One thing lead to another, and a weird typeface was born (download it here).


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